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CRFast Light

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CR Fast Light is a point of sale management software. It is ideal for small retail businesses and as easy to use as a cash register machine. Positioning itself in the market as a simple solution, this product allows, nevertheless, the verticalization to each business area.

This is a management software that offers quality and reliability at an affordable price.


- Multiplatform software (Android / Linux / Windows), multiprocessor and multilingual;

- Remote access via browser;

- Cash control and multiple payment methods;

- Integration with a Back Office for Chain stores management;

- Customer card, promotions and integration with a loyalty module;

- Sales and Purchasing Management;

- Session, cash and journal reports in A4 format with sales charts;

- Staff access control;

- Staff management (12 at most);

- Stock control and management;

- Customer and clients current account management;

To obtain the application activation license you must contact an authorized GrupoPIE reseller or contact us at comercial@grupopie.com.


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