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Competition in the retail market is increasingly fierce due to consumer demand. That is why entrepreneurs must bet on simple and functional technological solutions that boost the development of their business.

PingWin FO was developed with the aim of giving entrepreneurs a simple and functional technological solution that drives the development of their business. This is a software for the retail sector, which is 100% customized to any type of business.

As a single solution would not be enough for the management of all points of sale, the personalities of PingWin were created. With these it becomes possible to design solutions tailored to any type of business in this sector.

This is the management software that adapts to the needs of each user, allowing, thus, to reach the optimization of the operation and the increase of the business effectiveness.

Some of PingWin's personalities available are: Mini Markets, Hairdressers, Ready-to-Wear, Butchers, Fishmongers, Appliances Store, Shoe Shops, Kiosks / Stationery, Fruit Shops, Gourmet, SPA, Pet Store and Wine Shop.


- Multi-platform (Windows / Linux / Android);

- Multi-processor;

- Multilingual;

- Distributed development platform (Core + Personalities);

- Remote access via browser;

- Reliable and safe technology, adaptable to any business area;

- Management of Sales, Purchases, Inventories / Stocks, Promotions and Suppliers;

- Configuration of documents and reports;

- Printing and management of barcode labels including color, sizes, batches, series.

This is a unique, modern and visionary technological solution that works on a multiplatform basis and promises to bring your business to a new level.

To obtain the application activation license you must contact an authorized GrupoPIE reseller or contact us at comercial@grupopie.com.

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