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We help businesses deliver an exceptional purchasing experience and drive profitability with centrally managed operations and reporting by providing Simple and Efficient Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems.

 Register is a cost-effective electronic point of sale system designed with simplicity in mind for a wide range of business types including retailers, leisure / entertainment venues, service providers in health & beauty as well as hospitality establishments.

Register is designed to be highly configurable and contains functionality for Retail, Hospitality, and service industries like Salons and Health and Beauty. You can book appointments, send text reminders to reduce no shows and automatically create commission reports.

Register is simple to use, support and manage, thus keeping end users happy and reducing the support overhead.

 We provide modern highly innovative EPOS solutions to the market at a competitive price point. You are not just buying into what we have today but into what we will deliver to you and your users tomorrow.

 Register in two sizes to meet your requirements; Register Core and Register Plus. Both Register Core and Register Plus operate on all supported Point of Sale (POS) platforms including fixed and mobile devices.

Register Core is designed for typical retail usage. Register Plus is an extension to provide enhanced functionality to merchants (e.g. Salons, restaurants, customer management).

 Register Core Includes:

  • Epos functionality
  • Integrated card payment
  • Offline capable enterprise level support
  • Multiple stores
  • Barcode scanning
  • Stock management
  • Local & web reporting
  • Product discounts
  • Secure cloud backups
  • Unlimited users
  • Free updates
  • Additional tenders
  • Supervisor approval
  • Supplier management
  • Measured products

Register Plus Includes:

  • Register core
  • Customer management
  • Appointments
  • Text reminders
  • Hospitality
  • Tab management
  • Secondary printer
  • Commission

Register operates on the myPOS Smart terminals and can also integrate with the whole myPOS payment terminal range.


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