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PingWin MBA

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PingWin MBA is a management app that allows you to analyze and control your business on the go, in a simple way and even without managemente knowledge. See, on a single screen, if you are earning or losing money, where and why.

This app connects to your billing and accounting software to automatically integrate all the information to run your business on a mobile device. Without having to insert a single document, you will have access to important KPI, such as: Operating Costs, Human Resources, Taxes, Business Budget and Income Statement.

Control your business sustainability, even without management knowledge. Pingwin MBA performs a free and automatic business audit, presenting your company’s performance in real time.

Through a direct link with your accountant, you will also have the opportunity to regularly receive a management consulting report with real and reliable data.

You do not need to replace your current software or invest in infrastructure. PingWin MBA is multiplatform, multidevice and works both online and offline.

Available Features
- Analysis: know your business performance, in a simple way, through dashboards and reports.
- Management: connect your business to your accountant and get management information automatically.
- Purchases: get support for purchases and effectively control your stocks.
- Sales: make invoices regardless of your business type. This module is for companies that do not have a sales software or want to change their current one.

To use PingWin MBA’s full potential, you need a myCloud PIE account. For further information, please contact your PIE agent or contact us at

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