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Trustech Conference in Cannes, attended by the myPOS™ Team
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Meet myPOS at Trustech in Cannes

The global event, dedicated to trust-based technologies – TRUSTECH, will take place this year from November 29th – December 1st in Cannes, France. Businesses in the fields of payment, identification and security, will gather to share ideas, showcase products and discuss the possibilities for partnership and mutual achievements. There will be more than 18,000 attendants, among which, representatives of the largest companies, related to the industry, along with journalists from the most recognized media worldwide.

myPOS will be participating with a branded stand, where our top sales representatives will be showcasing our mobile POS machines and the other components of the myPOS platform.

You are welcome to visit us at Palais 01 K 003 to find out why myPOS is the best payment solution for SMEs.

And more about the Conference itself can be found here:

Our Sales team is available for questions, prior to the event, at:

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