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myPOS announces winners in ANTRAL taxi competition in Portugal

We are happy to announce the winners in the second stage of our taxi competition in Portugal!

Congratulations to Paulo Dias and Carlos Fonseca who achieved the highest number of card turnover and transactions through their myPOS payment terminals! Both win a luxurious spa weekend for two in Lisbon, Portugal.

It is an interesting fact that Paulo Dias also won the first stage of our competition, which ended in May 2018.

Here’s what our winners shared with us:

“Having the myPOS solution was a crucial factor in increasing our sales and profits, not only because we started accepting payments with all debit and credit cards, but also because we were able to reduce our service costs compared to another solution that we had. All the solutions that make us prepared for the current time are really welcome”, said Carlos Fonseca.

“myPOS is already a part of our routine and it is more important day after day, because nowadays, more than ever, passengers ask for a solution to pay their ride with a card”, Paulo Dias stated.

Our taxi contest began in late 2017 as part of our partnership with the Portuguese Taxi Association (ANTRAL) with the goal being to mark the beginning of the card payment revolution in the cab industry of Portugal.

To make card payments more popular in this beautiful country, we launched a campaign in which more than 200 taxis were equipped with myPOS Smart payment terminals that would benefit both drivers and passengers. Drivers would be able to process card payments and on top of this profit from all other myPOS services such as instant payouts, a free merchant account and no monthly or yearly fees, while clients would be able to use their preferred method of payment and never worry if they have enough cash with them. In addition passengers could also make in-app payments via ANTRAL’s mobile app, which would give them yet more convenience and freedom.

We are excited to announce that the campaign has been a success – it has led to more card payments, improved revenues for drivers and more happy taxi clients.

As to our competition, the second stage is the last one but don’t lose hope – we will have more contests in the future so stay tuned to our web site for more information.

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