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Adopt a seamless collection of payments with personalised invoices

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Easy billing in an instant

Take full advantage of your myPOS all-in-one payment solution and start invoicing your clients straight from your merchant account!

myPOS Invoicing is available to merchants through the myPOS online platform or mobile app. The free plan lets merchants generate unlimited number of invoices and send them to up to 5 customers. If you want to send invoices to an unlimited number of customers, you can take advantage of our Unlimited Plan for a small monthly or yearly fee.
Generate invoices based on customer and product lists and say goodbye to expensive invoicing software - we’ve got you covered!

Personalise, send, and receive funds right away

Tailor the invoice according to your business needs by adding your company logo, changing the colors and fonts, and adding all the relevant information required. Select a customer, ensure you are paid in time by setting a due date, and your invoice is ready to be sent!

E-mail your client or use the invoice link for other communication channels. Once clicked, your customers can choose to pay online by card or via bank transfer. Get paid faster and enjoy immediate access to your funds.

Item and client management

Manage customer and product lists to make invoicing even easier. Specify item quantities and create product categories where necessary.

A customised invoicing experience

Invoicing doesn’t have to be difficult. Your clients will love being able to pay at the click of a button.


Enjoy comprehensive and transparent invoice reports.


Stay in control of your funds at all times and track the status of every payment directly from your screen.


Say goodbye to uncomfortable conversations with clients regarding payments. Instead, take advantage of online invoice reminders to collect your funds.

All the reasons to try

  • Streamline invoice workflows
  • Make invoicing digital and effortless
  • Automate administrative tasks
  • Get instant access to payments
  • Free up more time for the work that drives your business forward

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