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Drive Safely and Manage Payments Swiftly

Offer Your Passengers Diverse Payment Options

The Taxi industry operates in one of the most dynamic business environments worldwide. Ensuring clients’ safety and delivering a fast service is always the main priority for taxi chauffeurs. The expansion of cashless payment options in recent years, allows cab drivers to offer their passengers diverse payment options and excellent customer service.

What is myPOS?

myPOS is a merchant payment solution that enables taxi drivers to accept credit or debit cards as well as NFC payments via a mobile POS terminal. myPOS helps them face with confidence the most common challenges in the taxi Industry:

  • Instant Settlement

    Instant Settlement

    As soon as a payment is completed on the myPOS device, your funds are immediately available for cash withdrawals, POS or Internet payments, via the business card.

  • 24/7 access

    24/7 access

    Manage your funds with ease and keep track of every operation with the myPOS mobile app. Enjoy a user-friendly interface and access through any Android, iOS or Windows device.

  • Cashless payments

    Cashless payments

    About 95% of taxi payments are still dominated by cash, leaving some drivers unprepared for cashless methods such as card or mobile payments.

  • Receipt & Tips

    Receipt & Tips

    In most cases, customers have to wait to get their receipt or to fill in complicated tipping forms. This is especially important for business travellers as they can be compensated for the money they have spent.

A Single Solution to All Challenges

With our wireless POS device, accepting credit / debit cards and contactless payments from a smartphone or smartwatch takes just a few seconds.

Combined with a free online account and a business debit card, the myPOS payment process offers instant settlement for business owners. As soon as payments are made on the taxi credit card machine, they are immediately available in the merchant’s account. From there, they can be withdrawn in cash via the business debit card, from any ATM in the world.

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Mobile Application

Get a quicker access and greater control over your myPOS account and operations directly from the myPOS app:

  • Manage your business on the go
  • Access your account 24/7
  • Check your balances
  • View your transactions’ activity
  • Access real-time sales data and complete sales history
  • Check for received payments

Both POS terminal and Business debit card can be controlled from the application with ease:

  • Block/unblock your card within seconds
  • Set limit spend per transaction
  • Activate a new POS terminal
  • FREE and unlimited push notifications - include notifications for all or selected transactions
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Run Your Business Effortlessly, Sell More with myPOS

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myPOS terminals can generate both paper or digital receipts.The digital receipts could be sent to clients via email or SMS. Receipts can be customized by adding company logo, contacts and short promo messages.

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