Оffer cashless payments with a credit card machine for your restaurant

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  • Multi-operator mode

  • POS Tipping

  • Online Monitoring

  • Private Label Gift Cards

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Welcoming all payments to the table

A good dining experience should never be spoiled by limited payment options.

With myPOS, you can pamper your clients and make them feel extra special by accepting their favourite way of paying. Be it with a card or a smartphone, our credit card terminals facilitate fast and secure transactions, offering a brilliant customer experience.

With a portable POS in every waiter’s apron, even the fastest table turnover won’t be a problem. Take advantage of our POS tipping feature and help your staff enjoy more rewards.

Card machine payments on the menu of any restaurant or bar

Our wireless card machines are an optimal solution for both clients and restaurateurs. You will now be able to offer more than just cash payments to your customers. Allow your guests to make payments without leaving their card in the hands of the waiter or interrupting their meal to get up and go to the cashier. Way easier and faster, right? Take a look at the full benefits of getting a card payment machine:

  • Multi-operator mode

    All myPOS terminals are designed to provide maximum efficiency when it comes to functionality and comfort. They handle payments in seconds and can be passed between waiters thanks to the individual accounts feature, suitable for cashless tips and sales.

  • POS Tipping

    Getting more and bigger tips is no longer dependent on cash payments only. All myPOS devices are equipped with a tipping feature and adding a little extra while paying by card becomes the easiest way for your clients to show their appreciation for your service.

  • Online Monitoring

    You can stay on top of your business from behind the scenes. Keep track of sales and review the accounts of individual restaurants or waiters via your merchant account.

  • Private Label Gift Cards

    We have a solution to benefit both your business and your customers (and their friends!) using restaurant vouchers. Easy to load from your POS device, they can surprise friends and family with a memorable dining experience.

World-class payment service without binding contracts or monthly fees

Choose the one that best suits your business

Improve the financial performance of your small or medium-sized restaurant with secure cashless payments. Available as portable or countertop, the variety of myPOS devices have all it takes to match the specific and unique needs of each business. Get a card machine from our online shop and never miss a payment again.

myPOS Mini

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myPOS Smart N5

+ docking station and powerful apps to ease your in-house operations and customer interaction

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