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How holiday retail businesses can cater to their customers by offering seamless card payments

Are you the owner of a retail business that’s seasonal and only caters to customers during the holiday season?

Perhaps your products depend on the winter season such as the sale of Christmas trees or holiday decorations? This year, naturally, you might be looking for ways to increase your sales.

But how should you do so? This blog post will give you the answers.

Don’t miss out on clients

One of the most important parts of owning a business is to grab your customer’s attention and keep it in order to make the crucial sale.

But many businesses – whether seasonal or not – aren’t prepared to meet their customers’ payment needs. This is because of increased reliance on cash sales.

However, the phrase ‘cash is king’ is no longer applicable to a clientele which is increasingly seeking to make payments with cards, as this has not only become the norm in our society but also because it has become more convenient to do so.

That’s why owning your very own credit card machine is vital for your business.

Mobile card machines

An attractive feature of the myPOS offering is its powerful and affordable mobile and portable card terminals. The devices – whether Smart or traditional – come complete with a wide variety of functions and solutions that make payment acceptance seamless. 

MO/TO Virtual Terminal

Apart from mobile card machines, myPOS also offers MO/TO payments, which are a payment method that’s made with a debit or credit card via phone or mail in order to place an order or make a purchase.

They are usually performed manually when the merchant enters the customer’s card details (PAN and expiry date) into a Virtual Terminal.


Your holiday retail business doesn’t need to have an online shop or even a webpage to accept payments online.

Simply generate a payment link, with a description, currency and expiry date, which you can then use on social media, in an email or SMS when sending an offer or invoice to your customers.


Lastly, myPOS PayButtons are another easy solution that allows your customers to check out with ease.

Just set the amount, the size of the button and the details you would like to collect, copy the generated HTML code and paste it in your website editor. 

Cater to your customers’ payment needs

If you’re a retailer that caters to a seasonal clientele, then it’s time to take your business to the next level by offering your customers card and online payment solutions that work for them.

Catering to an increasingly cashless clientele is becoming ever more important in our digitalised world. Let myPOS help you close that sale and allow your business to flourish this season.

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