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Popular questions

  • How to open a myPOS account?

    Opening a myPOS account is easy and can be done online. The Sign-up button is visible on every page of the myPOS website. Click on the button and follow the instructions. The following information will be requested:

    • Legal Form - as per local corporate law
    • Login Details - the details that the merchant will utilize to sign into the myPOS account
    • Company Details - general information about the industry, activity and address of the business as well as registered company number and tax ID.
    • Director Details - if applicable
    • Person opening the account details - if different than Director Details
    • Ownership Structure - if applicable. myPOS needs to be made aware of any and all stakeholders who own or have control over more than 25% of the company.
    • Additional details - general information about the business location and seasonality, the source of income (required by law), expected annual turnover and average transaction amount

    When the checkbox for accepting the Legal Documents of myPOS is selected, a 4-digit code is generated and sent to the provided mobile number in a text message. The code should be entered in the designated box. Generally, the code should be received within a minute of selecting the box. If a code is not received within this time, click on the ‘Receive a call’ button.

    The Special Code (optional) box should only be populated if the signup is being completed together with a myPOS official distributor or if a myPOS device was purchased through a myPOS official distributor.

    Once the account is created, an email is generated and sent to the provided email address. The email contains information on Identity Verification.

  • What are the fees for the myPOS account?

    The fees and limits applicable in myPOS can be seen here.

  • How do I complete the Identity Verification?

    To streamline the verification process and make it quick and easy for the clients, myPOS has simplified it to a 4-step process. Everything a merchant needs to complete the identity verification is a valid passport or an ID document with a picture. Do note that the myPOS representative will need to be presented with the actual passport or an ID document, not a copy of it.

    1. An email is sent to the email address provided when creating the account, open the email and click on the provided link to confirm the registration in myPOS
    2. Download the myPOS mobile app and start the video chat
    3. The myPOS operator will guide you through the video identity verification
    4. myPOS team will then review the identity document provided and confirm the completion of the identity verification within 8 business hours

    Following the Identity Verification process, the merchant may be required to provide legal documents to verify the company’s identity. The documents required are dependent on the company’s legal form.

  • What happens if I have an issue and need to speak to someone form myPOS outside of working hours?

    myPOS has a Customer Support Centre and fraud monitoring team working 24/7. A myPOS Customer Service representative will be available to you at any time of the day or night.

    Currently, myPOS offers customer support in English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Greek and Bulgarian.

  • Why choose myPOS services over a bank?

    myPOS offers businesses a wide variety of benefits and features on top of a payment solution for every type of payment.

    Like any bank, myPOS offers:

    • Online banking for transfers and mass transfers
    • Cash withdrawal from any ATM that accepts VISA
    • POS Device to accept onsite payments
    • Virtual Terminal for MO/TO payments

    Unlike any bank, myPOS offers:

    • NО monthly or annual fees
    • NO contractual obligations
    • Instant settlement of all payments
    • IBAN in multiple currencies (up to 50)
    • Free VISA debit card
    • Free DATA Card ensuring mobile connection anywhere in Europe at no charge
    • Online services such as Pay buttons and links, Payment requests and Checkout
    • Top-up services for a variety of service providers around the world
    • Private Label Gift Cards