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    Open the myPOS App and log in with the email address and the 4-digit passcode selected when the app was first installed.

    The Home screen displays three quick access buttons:

    1. Send Money option - allows bank transfers or sending money to another myPOS user; the merchant can select which bank account the money is sent from
    2. MO/TO Virtual Terminal option - if the service has been enabled, it allows the collection of MO/TO payments & generates a digital receipt. If the service is not activated, there is an application form to request activation
    3. Send Payment Request - allows for a payment request to be sent to an email address or a mobile number

    Under the buttons there is a list of the consolidated account transactions for the e-money accounts in all currencies. From here the merchant can search for a specific transaction and view the transaction’s details. Also, there is an added option for resending a digital receipt for payments.

    The top left corner allows access to the myPOS menu. The following menu options are available:

    • Mobile Top-up - enter a phone number and top up the credit
    • Devices - view all devices linked to the myPOS account as well as additional information for each device:
      • the transactions made with the device - visualized as a list of transactions with the option to select each transaction or more details
      • in the sub-menu Details - the device’s details and specifications as well as the acquiring fees associated with the device
      • in the sub-menu Settings - the option to block or activate the device
    • Cards - view all cards linked to the myPOS account. For each card there is additional information about:
      • the transactions made with the card - visualized as a list of transactions with the option to select each transaction or more details
      • the card’s full details - visualized by tapping on the card
      • in the sub-menu Notifications - the card’s current notifications and the option to change them
      • in the sub-menu Settings - the option to activate or deactivate the card as well as to view and set the spending limits
    • Accounts - a dashboard visualization of the current balance of each account linked to the myPOS account
      • Select an account to view its details, settings and funding information
      • The Account Transfer option allows transfers between accounts
    • Activity - allows the merchant to track the activity of the whole myPOS account. The information is split into different categories (Payment Requests; Devices; Online; Pre-authorizations and Top-up) and within each category there are filter and search options
    • Notifications - view and/or amend the current notifications and choose between Push, text message and E-mail notifications
    • Settings - passcode and balance visualization settings
    • About - lists the set of the applicable legal documents

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