• Order and activation

    A myPOS Business card can be ordered online from your merchant account. The merchant should go to the Cards tab, click on Order new card and follow the instructions:

    • STEP 1: Choose card currency; select the account to which the card will be linked; enter the number of cards to order; confirm the mobile phone number for activation and choose the name that will be embossed on the card
    • STEP 2: Select the delivery option, by post or by courier and check the delivery address. Note that the delivery costs and time differ by country
    • STEP 3: Review the order, accept the Terms & Conditions and myPOS policies, and place the order

    In case the card does not arrive within the specified delivery time, please contact myPOS Customer Support.

    The merchant can order one Visa business card free of charge. Each additional card will be charged as outlined in Fees and Limits.

    Once received, the Visa business card can be activated from your account or via our mobile app:

    • myPOS account: select the Cards tab, click on Activate your card and follow the instructions
    • Mobile app: go to Cards, tap Activate card and follow the instructions

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