• myPOS Business Visa card settings

    The merchant has full control over the activities of each myPOS Business Card. The myPOS account allows for custom-made security and transaction limits as well as notifications for each card separately.

    The security settings allow the merchant to determine what type of transactions can be executed with the card.

    The transaction settings allow the merchant to limit the amount of a transaction with the card for a single transaction, on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. There is an additional option to limit the number of transactions on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis.

    The limits can be set separately for cash withdrawals, POS payments or online payments.

    Using the notification settings, the merchant can choose how to be notified about each card’s activity and which activities to be notified about.

    An additional security measure allows the merchant to block the card at any time.

    To adjust the myPOS Business Card settings, select the Cards tab in the myPOS account, then click on Settings. If more than one card is linked to the account, select the appropriate card first.

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