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Buying a payment terminal is now more irresistible than ever

Welcome the myPOS Go with FREE silicone case campaign!

UK, France and the Netherlands – get ready for our brand new promotional campaign coming your way! With the support of our partners at Mastercard, we’re launching our brand-new promotion from 5 October 2020 to 5 January 2021 through which myPOS merchants in these three countries purchasing a myPOS Go device, will get a protective silicone case for FREE!

Promoting card payments

This promotional campaign is part of our ongoing partnership with Mastercard, which was created to support micro, small and medium size businesses in their pursuit of success and growth. In an effort to promote card payments among SMEs across Europe, we are offering one of our top-selling devices with a free silicone case accessory!

The myPOS Go

A pocket-size card reader, the myPOS Go is compact, multifunctional and affordable! It is also eco-friendly and requires no consumables as it does not use a paper printer! So, how can you get a receipt? It’s easy! Electronic receipts can be sent to your customers via email or SMS. Equipped with a FREE DATA card, our myPOS Go has a constant wireless connection via 3G, making it a reliable choice for a wide range of businesses.

Value-added perks

When a merchant chooses a myPOS device for their business, they can also take advantage of a wide range of value-added services, too! In addition to accepting payments in person, the business gets access to a range of tools for online payments acceptance. 

A Payment Request can be sent by email, SMS from your myPOS account, the myPOS app or directly from your payment terminal. 

PayLinks: Without the need for an online shop or a webpage, you can simply generate a payment link with a description, currency and expiry date. 

PayButtons: The myPOS PayButton entails setting the amount, button size and details you would like to collect from your customers and you’re all set to accept online payments.

Shopping cart integrations: E-commerce businesses can simply install and configure our shopping cart plugins, available for a wide range of e-commerce platforms.

The whole nine yards 

To wrap things up, getting a business payment solution has never been easier or more affordable. Purchasing a myPOS Go payment terminal will not only get you a FREE silicone case, but all the above-mentioned payment acceptance services at no monthly or yearly fees. And the best part is – all accepted payments arrive in your myPOS account within seconds!

Check out the offer here.

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