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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at myPOS

The story behind Black Friday you probably didn’t know

Black Friday is internationally accepted as the day of the year when retailers finally go “into the black” (i.e. make a profit) and crowds of Thanksgiving shoppers flood the shops to take advantage of the biggest holiday bargains. Funny enough, the origin of Black Friday has actually nothing to do with shopping!

The term dates back to the 1950’s when chaos erupted in the streets of Philadelphia caused by thousands of suburban shoppers and tourists coming in advance of the annual Army-Navy football game. Not only Philly cops couldn’t take the day off, but they had to work extra-long shifts to keep the situation under control – ending up calling this nightmarish Friday Black Friday. Later on, Philadelphia retailers tried changing the name to something more positive like “Big Friday”, but the original name simply stuck.

The first myPOS Black Friday sale

No matter how it came to Black Friday, it’s without a doubt the smartest day for spending and with the upcoming myPOS special deals – the best time to invest in cashless payments for your business!

On November 24, let’s celebrate the first myPOS Black Friday sale together with up to 30% off on card readers and accessories, and with excusive starter packs specially made for hotels, retail shops, taxi businesses, freelancers and more.

How about Cyber Monday?

Even if you miss a deal on Black Friday, don’t worry! On Cyber Monday, we’ll extend some of the hottest Black Friday deals and will bring you a handful of new surprises!

Stay tuned for more product news and exciting promotions!

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