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Join over 150,000 businesses that offer Satispay as a payment method for their customers.

Reduce your costs with Satispay Business as you accept payments from your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, without using credit or debit cards. Start saving from day one!


Our pricing for physical stores and businesses on-the-move is as follows:

  • Sign up and account deactivation = free
  • Money transfers to your bank account = free
  • Transactions less than or equal to 10€ = free
  • Transactions above 10€ = only 0.20€



Sign up with Satispay Business for free directly from our website or by clicking on the link in the app's homescreen.

Download the app

Once registered, open the Satispay Business app and insert your Activation Coden to get started accepting payments.

Accept payments

View and accept payments from your customers directly from the Satispay Business app. All payments received will be transferred to your bank account the following business day.


Transactions are made using the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), developed and promoted by the European Payment Council

No sensitive data is ever shared

Satispay guarantees that all payments received via the app will be credited into your bank account the following business day

Satispay eliminates the risk of accepting false banknotes or delays in collecting payments


With Satispay Business you can choose to take part in the "Network Cashback", an additional service that allows you to create custom promotions in order to:

  • attract new customers
  • promote customer loyalty
  • increase sales
  • boost your business' visibility

Satispay makes accepting payments easier cheaper than ever.


For more information visit or for further assistance.


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