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OrderPad for Samtouch

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OrderPad for Samtouch allows waiting staff to process customer orders at the table and automatically update your Samtouch POS system which then processes the order through to the food and drink preparation stations.

By utilising the Smart N5 terminal, payment for the customers bill can be taken at the table  The bill can be split equally amongst members of the party or individual payments can be taken. Gratuities can be added to the bill as a whole or to each individual split.

OrderPad can be used to display allergen and other information about any item included on a customer's bill or on the restaurants  menu.

Staff can also use OrderPad to update the status of a table to keep the kitchen informed; for example changing a table from 'On Starters' to 'Ready For Mains'.

Items currently on a customers bill can optionally be voided if the staff have the necessary authority or if the customer wants another of the same item, a swipe and a tap sells the item again.

The Smart N5's printer can be used to print a customer's bill, the final receipt, as well as the usual merchant and customer card receipt copies.

This app interfaces to the Samtouch POS application and therefore requires that the restaurant is using Samtouch.  Samtouch is a comprehensive EPOS solution which fully supports table management, promotions, custoimer loyalty, kitchen printing, kitchen video and many other functions.  

Optionally Samtouch can be linked to the SamtouchOffice back office cloud solution so that up to the minute management reports, operations such as stock taking, ordering and deliveries and product management can all be performed on a browser on any device anywhere in the world.

New in version 1.1.7 is the ability to take customer contact details to comply with Track and Track requirements.



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